Lyndon & Eve 2014

The Evening Reception of Lyndon & Eve @Grand Palace banqueting suite.

The occasion was a ‘Swarvoski affair’ as quoted by the beautiful bride… Wedding bells were placed on tables for guest to ring and watch the bride and groom seal their bond again with another kiss. The food was infused with Caribbean delights reflecting the two backgrounds coming together, Montserrat & Jamaica the islands of the deepest lovers with the craziest of personalities.

The speeches given were truly touching. Especially one from Evelyn’s second eldest daughter filling the room with glossy spheres all round as she was proud to give her mum away to a supportive man and a father figure. Naomi being the rock of her mother showed just how true love between mother and daughter builds as you look after one and other through growth.

The guest stacked up in the numbers with large family tables and intimate circles of friends. Lyndon’s Suit was ‘built’ by one of the best makers in London if you just look at the detail put in to such work of art. Purple and blue a combination I have not been blessed to see at a wedding mixing so well together with sparkly and bold diamante’s scattered and sprinkled amongst guests, decorations and the bridal crew.

The Dj of the night was Jermaine (kool J) who had the beats and the sounds on impeccable lock and key all evening accompanied by his Uncle and Evelyn’s Brother Jason as the Presenter of the night. Jason was a good laugh and translator for the mix of languages at the gathering. He had the hall in fits of laughter over the bald jokes that kept spilling from his imagination.

Best words from Groom ‘It will happen, and it Happened’

Best words from Bride ‘We did it the right way, through God’

Best speech from Family Member Emily Browne ‘ When you sleep now, you touch the foot, the belly, the arms. the leg. the head, everything’

Best couple I have seen in years

and best wedding I been to so far..

I truly hope my Vows will be this beautiful soon!


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