Mind, Body and Soul Fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support December 2014

Mind, Body & Soul fundraiser for MacMillan Cancer Support on the 6 December 2014.

I had an insightful afternoon at Mind, Body & Soul… I had the privilege of hearing Malik Muhammad’s inspirational words of true self and motivation. Photographing business displays from Pikaszo Handmade Jewelry, Boroom Neeg Essential Oils, Forever Aloe Products, Nutrilife, Life Coaching, Karen Messa Beauty Therapy, Desire Forever Beverages, Harry Matthews Amway Business owner. I enjoyed the vibrancy and mood filling the room as we listened to survival stories of courage, adventures of strength training and beneficial information on how to clean our sources of food and water.

I spent a lot of time in the Aroma area of the essential oils table, great conversations come from those who can identify your scent, match and insinuate your skin. Our hostess was very elegant and helpful with a beautiful smile.

I created a short video to sum up how inspirational Malik Muhammad’s discussion was to me. I am no videographer but I gave it a youthful try. Powerful and Truthful Speaker.


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