Focus E15 – Grand Opening, Aldworth Road

Focus E15 had their Grand Opening of their Office Space, which is still yet to be unveiled for purpose. They are an Activist Group seeking more social housing for people across Newham and hopefully spreading out into most of London. Focus E15 want to get their point across and show the Government that Social Cleansing does not help a society when there are still so much more people suffering from homelessness/overcrowding and inadequate housing sitautions because the government would rather make everything look pretty rather than solve the problem.

In the heart of Stratford where a new eyesore ‘Westfield’ towers over the borough bringing in tourist from all over the world. Westfield now centers the many apartments, Towerblocks and Flat renting all placed strategically and still our housing situations rise passed control. What is beginning to make less sense is how our Local boroughs are selling land to private and housing associations who only build homes for mortgages at middleclass rates. Leaving families, Couples and Single People stuck on the housing register for an average of 12 YEARS!! Does this sound like a prison sentence yet? How can a local government help a community without basic social needs rise back to the level of comfortability without sending us outside of London to look for affordable and vacant housing??

I have every faith in Focus E15 to make radical movements in aid of this notion to support social housing and not social cleansing. Newham needs HOMES!!


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