Sarah Louise – Boudoir Photo-Shoot

Team J9e Boudoir Shoots are always full of surprising fun elements. Sarah is a budding model hoping to push her career towards topless glamour. We thought we would take her right out of her comfort zone and dress her back up! You can almost taste the french with this shoot! The ending pillow fight was fun! I got such an awesome shot I thought I’d … Continue reading Sarah Louise – Boudoir Photo-Shoot

‘Build A Bend’ – Contortion Carpenters Pin-Up

Thoroughly enjoyed creating a vintage inspired look to my Carpenters Pin-Up theme. Modelling for me is a London Based Contortionist Miss Bendy @thebendygirl you can find her on instagram for more of her great work. Hairstylist: Alice @Queennce fabolous practical hairdresser with iconic finishes! We managed to acquire Vintage tools from the 1930s including a plane used for shaving wood. Incorporating Iron tools into the … Continue reading ‘Build A Bend’ – Contortion Carpenters Pin-Up

Victoria Park Dog Show -All Dogs Matter Event 2015

I’ve been impulsively keen to get out there and capture the Fourth walking society we call our pets. Seeing such gorgeously groomed dogs gave me inspiration to edit the finer detail in their fur! I arrived a little late but still go to see Bailey and family run around the competition with their Rockweiler and managed to catch a dog scuff in progress! Hilarious. The … Continue reading Victoria Park Dog Show -All Dogs Matter Event 2015