Writers & Creative Media

I specialise in Informative, Engaging, Entertaining, Emotive and Express Creative writing across all media platforms. There is no job too big or small. My word speed is 75-80wpm on average and I am available for hire at a daily rate of 0.40p per word. Some businesses choose to hire a writer to sit in on meetings or idea boards to aid in the structure of work. Storyboard artistry can also be done on site. Various pricing on samples and processed work are listed below. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions about multiple producing or any extra details of what I can help provide.  


 9am-12pm                                                                       £45

 9am-3pm                                                                         £60

9am-6pm                                                                         £80




200 Words                                                                      £80

400 Words                                                                     £160

1000 Words                                                                    £400





Sample Storyboard                                                                                          £0-10

Creative Storyboard (5panels)                                                                       £50

Complete Storyboard (5 panels)                                                                    £75

(A complete storyboard consists of videographer direction, action & illustration, camera positioning and slide timing)


1  Episode (25 Panels)                                                                                              £300

2  Episodes (50 Panels)                                                                                            £550

(We can work on or off site on your project)




10 Second Ads                                                                                              £100-250

30 Second Ads                                                                                               £200-500

45 Second Ads                                                                                               £300-£600




1 Poem (up to 4 stanzas)                                                                                          £20

1 Poem (up to 8 stanzas)                                                                                          £40

1 Prose (up to 1000 words)                                                                                      £80





Simple Monologue (500 words)                                                                              £25

Dramatic Monologue (500 words)                                                                          £35

TV Monologue (500 words)                                                                                      £40                       

Contestant Monologue (500 words)                                                                       £30

Script Monologue (500 words)                                                                                 £50


(We write up to 500 words per monologue, we offer one sample and one final after corrections. If you need larger please ask in person or by phone)


Erotic Writing

Per Poem                                                                                                          £25

Short Story (1000 words)                                                                               £75

Short Story (2000 words)                                                                               £100 Blurb